About Us

Lumiar is an initiative that aims to transform the future ofeducation in the world and believes that, for this, it is necessary to act now.

We work with our own schools and in partnerships with public networks, through the methodology and platform, to expand the horizon of people’s participation in the authorship of reality, thus building a community of eternal learners.


A platform that connects school managers, educators, families and students for better planning and monitoring of active learning through projects, facilitating the mapping and assessment of skills.

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The Lumiar methodology was created in 2003 with the goal of enabling authentic educational trajectories based on autonomy, responsibility, and collaboration. It is internationally recognized by important institutions as one of the most innovative schools and methodologies in the world.

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We are the social arm of Lumiar and our mission is to provide, through an innovative methodology and proprietary technology, improvements in education for the development of children, youth and educators in our country. Access the link to learn about our work and how to participate in this transformation.

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