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The platform designed for educators

With Mosaico, managers, coordinators, and teachers can view all the pedagogical practices being developed at the school, obtaining detailed information on activities carried out by class and by student. Furthermore, it is also possible to access a collaborative database of projects and curriculum references from BNCC, facilitating the planning of proposals.

The platform designed for families

By accessing Mosaico, families can closely follow their children’s entire school journey. With the aim of providing a comprehensive and individualized view of each student’s development, the platform allows guardians to see the routine and all activities being carried out, as well as reports and evaluations.

The platform designed for students

Through Mosaico, students can organize their routine and prepare for upcoming proposals. All projects and activities are available on the platform, as well as the planning of scheduled classes, allowing the class to produce records and evaluations of each meeting.


Everything at the click of a button

Upon entering Mosaico, the initial dashboard will show all the necessary information for you to understand your routine and know what your next actions should be. The sidebar will gather shortcuts so that, with one click, you can access the platform’s main features.

Visual student monitoring

From our disk view, you will see the development of students individually or in groups. Learning expectations, skill development, and content work are updated on the chart in real time.

Bncc at your fingertips

All BNCC skills and content are already navigable and searchable in Mosaico, ready for you, the teacher, to map them in your project. Does your school have a customized curriculum? No problem! All items are customizable so that Mosaico adapts to your school’s reality.

Integrated evaluation

Evaluations and their rubrics are integrated into Mosaico, allowing students to be evaluated and self-evaluate after each meeting. After completing a project, a comprehensive and informative end-of-period report is generated to be shared with students and their families via Mosaico or in PDF.

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