School management

Is it difficult to visualize progress through all educational activities?

With MOSAICO you can successfully accompany the activities carried out by each student and class.


Do you have little time for planning your projects? Is multidisciplinary integrated skills/content project planning too complex?

Access the curated project hub aligned with your curriculum.


Do you feel that periodic report cards don’t give you a realistic vision of your child’s learning?

Real time knowledge of WHAT & HOW your child is learning at your fingertips.


Is it difficult to keep track of what your learning journey has in store for you and how to maintain it orderly and organized?

Your activities and projects are showcased for you as well as an easy to follow task list.


As simple & easy as a click!

As soon as you log in to MOSAICO, your learning journey tasks are displayed so you know what to do and when to do it.

The sidebar menu offers easy to navigate shortcuts so you can click straight to the MOSAICO’s main features.

Visually track the student’s learning journey.

Individual & group assessments are visualized through MOSAICO’s disc.

Learning expectations, skill development and academic standard achievements are displayed in real time, per student or per group.

Your curriculum at your fingertips.

All of your school & district skills and contents are mapped into MOSAICO and are easy to pick & pluck to map out your project.

Does your school have a customized curriculum? Not a problem!

All items are customizable so that MOSAICO can be adapted to your school’s reality.

Integrated assessments

The assessment rubrics are integrated into MOSAICO, granting self evaluation & self assessments for learner feedback & perspective in their educational journey.

After each project is concluded, a detailed report is published and can be downloaded to PDF as well as viewed directly on the platform


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School Management

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