Lumiar Porto Alegre opened in 2017 and currently has elementary and high school groups. The school offers classrooms with dynamic learning environments, as well as a recreational space, library, and a multipurpose laboratory.

Regular activities are held in the morning and afternoon periods, with two days of reverse period.

For high school students, we offer career counseling and quarterly internships, as well as support in matters related to higher education.



Ensino Fundamental

Fundamental 1 (F1)
Students from 6 to 8 years old

Fundamental 2 (F2)
Students from 9 to 11 years old

Fundamental 3 (F3)
Students from 12 to 14 years old

High School

High School 1 (M1)
Students from 15 to 16 years old

High School 2 (M2)
Students from 17 years old


Examples of projects made by Lumiar Porto Alegre students

Fundamental 1 (F1)


PURPOSE: to produce texts for promote games to the school community

OBJECTIVES: to develop collective written communication for publicizing the games explored in the “Lumi Diversão” workshop; to develop formal writing; to distribute the productions throughout the school neighborhood, to friends, neighbors, and family members

FINAL PRODUCT: promotional materials

SKILLS: evaluate solutions and results; edit and revise own work; reflect on the phenomenon of language; synthesize information; participate in task management

CONTENTS: understanding and use of uppercase and lowercase letters, both block capitals and cursive; identification and correct use of syllabic structures, punctuation, oral and written segmentation of words; identification, planning and production of textual genres from the advertising and propaganda fields; re-reading, reviewing and editing text, with corrections for spelling and punctuation

Fundamental 2 (F2)


PURPOSE: to explore the universe of history based on our families’ individual memories

OBJECTIVES: interview family members about selected historical events; put individual experiences into historical context; get to know historical figures by studying historical events; produce a historical coffee

FINAL PRODUCT: historical coffee

MASTER: historian

SKILLS: experimenting and exploring new identities; editing and revising own work; making connections

CONTENTS: family and/or community stories recorded in different sources; personal objects and documents that refer to one’s own experience within the family and/or community, and the reasons why some objects are preserved and others are discarded; significance of personal objects and documents as sources of memories and stories in the personal, family, school, and community spheres

Fundamental 3 (F3)


PURPOSE: to discover how scientific discoveries in chemistry and physics in the field of radioactivity have affected us and continue to affect us today

OBJECTIVES: to understand the concept of radioactivity and its various applications; to reflect on the complexity of scientific knowledge and its effects; to contrast advances and misuses of this knowledge; to question science as a producer and promoter of advances, as well as the co-optation of these advances for the purposes of domination and exploitation of humanity

FINAL PRODUCT: writing a letter/discourse problematizing scientific production – its benefits versus its misuses

MASTER: chemist

SKILLS: demonstrating collaborative responsibility; systematizing arguments

CONTENTS: role of technological advances in the application of radiation in diagnostic medicine (X-ray, ultrasound, nuclear magnetic resonance) and in disease treatment (radiotherapy, optical laser surgery, infrared, ultraviolet, etc.); electromagnetic radiation, its frequencies, sources, applications and implications of its use in remote controls, cell phones, X-rays, microwave ovens, photocells, etc.

Ensino Médio 1 (M1)


PURPOSE: discover how we relate to marine life

OBJECTIVES: to discover the anthropological and biological relationships existing between marine beings and societies; to recognize and value cultural, social and environmental diversity

FINAL PRODUCT: almanac about the discussions raised in the project

MASTERS: biologist and sociologist

SKILLS: deployed: build, compare, and establish relationships; understand and respect cultural diversity; develop an argument; recognize the other person, his/her emotions, and needs; have socio-environmental responsibility

CONTENTS: ecosystem systemic balance (maintenance and impacts); flow of matter and energy (food chains and webs), ecological pyramid (number, biomass, and energy); cultural diversity; cultural relativism; symbolism and human language


Our committees are groups formed by students who aim to contribute to Lumiar Porto Alegre in some way and create proposals that promote a more beneficial, safe, and diverse school environment for everyone in our community.

Our school’s committees cover all cycles and students can participate in the ones they identify with the most. Get to know some of them below!






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