Opened in 2020, Lumiar Pinheiros occupies a building of over 2000m². With Kindergarten, Elementary and High School groups, it has more than 300 students.

Besides the regular activities, held in the morning and full-time, the school offers extracurricular courses connected to the students’ interests.




Infantil 2 (I2)
Students from 2 to 4 years old

Infantil 3 (I3)
Students from 4 to 6 years old

Ensino Fundamental

Fundamental 1 (F1)
Students from 6 to 8 years old

Fundamental 2 (F2)
Students from 9 to 11 years oldanos

Fundamental 3 (F3)
Students from 12 to 14 years old

Ensino Médio

Médio 1 (M1)
Students from 15 to 16 years old


Examples of projects made by Lumiar Pinheiros students

Infantil 2 (I2)


PURPOSE: discover with what and how to produce pigments

OBJECTIVES: explore possibilities of extracting pigments, getting to know plants better and doing experiments; understand that plants and food are sources of vitamins and nutrients; communicate orally and express themselves pictorially based on the issues worked on in the project

FINAL PRODUCT: T-shirt dyed by the students themselves

MASTER: naturopath

SKILLS INVOLVED: cultivate self-confidence; be open to create; plan; test ideas. resources and materials; managerial tasks

CONTENTS WORKED: orality; recording, communication, mediation and visualization tools; changes in different materials, resulting from natural and artificial phenomena; observations, manipulations and measurements; cause and effect relationships

Infantil 3 (I3)


PURPOSE: build a musical instrument

OBJECTIVES: perceive sounds through sensitive listening; manipulate materials and understand what they are used for; identify tools; develop motor coordination; understand the different functions of numbers in everyday life; work in teams towards a single goal; build a musical instrument that is meaningful and used by the whole school community

FINAL PRODUCT: a musical instrument built by the class

MASTER: maintainer

SKILLS INVOLVED: develop self-motivation; explore instruments and tools; integrate knowledge and skills; observe, describe and record; manage tasks

CONTENT WORKED: instruments for recording, communication, measurement and visualization; notions of measurement: meter, centimeter, kilogram, gram, etc.; musical instruments; sound quality (intensity, duration, height and timbre)

Fundamental 1 (F1)


PURPOSE: get to know currencies from different countries around the world in order to create your own and use it for shopping

OBJECTIVES: learn about currencies around the world; understand the concepts of value, exchange, appreciation, and devaluation; create your own currency

FINAL PRODUCT: group’s own currency

MASTER: mathematician

SKILLS INVOLVED: analyze problems; develop mathematical proficiency; be open to create; reason mathematically; use logic and reasoning

CONTENT WORKED: systems and processes of creation; marks of cultural and economic contribution of groups of different origins in their places of living; natural numbers as indicators of quantity and order; numerical sequences in increasing and decreasing order; situations of buying and selling and forms of payment; values of coins and banknotes of the Brazilian monetary system

Fundamental 2 (F2)


PURPOSE: discover what visagism is and apply some of its techniques in a seasonal fashion show

OBJECTIVES: to understand visagism and its main techniques; to plan and develop tiaras, hairstyles, and make-up, which will be used in the fashion show; to work in groups; to know and understand the steps and functions in creating a fashion show; to organize an event

FINAL PRODUCT: parade of face painting, tiaras, and hairstyles inspired by the seasons of the year

MASTER: visagist

SKILLS INVOLVED: be open to create; explore materials, instruments and tools; imagine and create

CONTENT WORKED: different forms of artistic expression and sustainable use of conventional and non-conventional materials, instruments, resources, and techniques; constituent elements of the visual arts (point, line, shape, color, space, movement, etc.); distinctive forms of traditional and contemporary visual arts; perception, the imaginary, the ability to symbolize, and the imagery repertoire; right and non-right angles in polygonal figures; conscious consumption

Fundamental 3 (F3)


PURPOSE: discover how politics works in the space we inhabit

OBJECTIVES: to know the several facets and understandings about politics (urban, geopolitics and political geography); to understand the dynamics of urban space and its relation to politics; to stimulate creativity through the creation of narratives and arts; observation of the city and investigation of urban policies; to promote reflection about urban space and politics

FINAL PRODUCT: comics based on issues worked on in the project

MASTER: geographer

SKILLS INVOLVED: to conceive and delimit issues; to define problems; to edit and revise own work; to elaborate written and graphic communication; to integrate knowledge and skills; to demonstrate collaborative responsibility; to be aware and available to solve social issues; to have social responsibility

CONTENT WORKED: representative aspects of demographic dynamics and population characteristics; role of international corporations and global economic organizations in the lives of the population in relation to consumption, culture and mobility; concepts of state, nation, territory, government and country for the understanding of conflicts and tensions in contemporary times; facts and situations for understanding global integration; socio-spatial segregation in urban environments in Latin America; Brazilian electoral process; distribution of power and systems of government; representativeness and political parties

Ensino Médio 1 (M1)


PURPOSE: find out how to prove from science whether products advertised as healthy, beautifying and slimming really are

OBJECTIVES: understand the processes of biochemical, chemical, and biological analysis; organize records of a scientific experiment; know and use concepts of inorganic chemistry, anatomy, and physiology; explore product labels and identify what can be false or misreported; read scientific and science-based articles

MASTER: biologist

FINAL PRODUCT: a science fair to share the results and the process of the investigations carried out throughout the project

SKILLS INVOLVED: evaluate solutions and results; formulate questions; observe, describe and record

CONTENT: dissemination and communication of results, conclusions and proposals based on discussions, arguments, evidence and scientific language; scientific research (defining the problem situation, object of research, justification, hypothesis elaboration, etc.); reading and interpretation of topics related to the project. ); reading and interpretation of themes related to natural sciences and its technologies, using reliable sources; cellular organization levels; individual and collective health; identification and explanation of socio-cultural and environmental issues related to physical, chemical and/or biological phenomena; selection and mobilization of knowledge and resources from natural sciences to propose individual and/or collective actions of mediation and intervention on socio-cultural and environmental problems; periodic table


Commissions are groups created with the objective of contributing to the school in some way. They can be composed of students, employees and guardians according to their interests.

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