First of all, thank you for your interest in Lumiar Porto Alegre!
Below we explain the process for enrolling new students.

Receiving essential information

You can contact Lumiar Porto Alegre in person or through our service channels. Our team will inform you about the availability of vacancies for the cycle and period you are looking for, prices and other essential information about our school routine.

Lumiar methodology presentation

Next, you will be invited to get to know the Lumiar methodology, a moment to understand our pillars, choices and practices.

Visit to Lumiar Porto Alegre

After the presentation of our methodology, you will be invited to visit Lumiar Porto Alegre.

Meeting with the educational team

Parents and students will be invited to participate in a meeting with our school’s educational guidance team. This meeting allows us to get to know the student better, enabling us to plan appropriate steps for a smooth and respectful integration into our school.

Experience (for students who come to the school after the beginning of the school year)

The student will be invited to experience the routine and participate in activities of the class to which he or she will belong. This allows the student to become familiar with the Lumiar methodology, the school space, the educators and fellow students. The experience lasts an average of three days.

Completing the enrollment application

To issue the contract, guardians must complete the enrollment request form and send the following documents to the school:

A recent 3 x 4 photo
A simple copy of the birth certificate
A simple copy of RG or RNE
A simple copy of CPF
Simple copy of vaccination card
Simple copy of medical insurance or SUS card;
Original school transcript (except for the first year of elementary school);
Original letter of compliance issued by the previous school;
Original transfer declaration issued by the previous school

Responsible parties
Simple copy of RG or RNE
Simple copy of CPF
A simple copy of proof of residence
In case of legal financial responsibility, a simple copy of the partners’ CNPJ, articles of incorporation, proof of address, RG and CPF

Signature of the contract

After sending the documents, the school will provide the educational contract, which must be signed digitally by the person financially responsible using the Clip Escola application.

Guidelines for starting activities at Lumiar Porto Alegre

Once the enrollment is validated, the students’ guardians will be informed about the beginning of the student’s activities at Lumiar Porto Alegre.

In addition, they will receive notices, forms to fill out and other necessary guidance to support the arrival of the student to our school community.

Important information

Registration for the current year is done until the beginning of the third trimester. For the following year, beginning in October.

Parents and guardians interested in enrolling their children in school years other than the current one are also invited to attend the Lumiar methodology presentation and visit the school.

If there are no vacancies available in the cycle of interest, the guardians will be included in our waiting list.