Lumiar Pinheiros, in line with its principles and purposes in the educational and citizenship training of students, recognizes its commitment and social responsibility in the composition of a diverse school community, minimizing financial and social barriers to access a meaningful and transformative education.

Considering these aspects, the scholarships at our school aim to enable the entry of children and young people who would not have this opportunity by natural means, thus promoting an ethno-racial and socially diverse school community and contributing to the individual and collective development of students.

Selective process status: closed

More information:

Application period

The selection process for scholarships takes place annually in October. You can check its status (“open” or “closed”) right here on the site.

Responsible parties who contact Lumiar Pinheiros during other periods of the year will be informed about the date and placed on a waiting list so that they can be informed about the opening of a new process.

How to enroll

Parents and guardians must fill out this form, informing, in the message field, that they wish to enroll their children in the scholarship selection process;


1. Financial requirements
a) Families with a total income of up to four minimum wages;
b)Families that can afford the costs of food and educational materials.

Note: those responsible must, obligatorily, be employed or have a fixed source of income.

2. Social:
a) Preferably, families with guardians without higher education or who have not had the opportunity to access professional training;
b) Preferably, students coming from state or municipal schools;
c) Preferably, families whose guardians live or work in the Lumiar Pinheiros area.

3. Diversity:
a) Preferably, diverse students – afro-descendants, blacks, and indigenous people;

4. Students’ profile:
a) Preferably, students coming from state or municipal schools;
b) Preferably, black, afrodescendant, and indigenous students;
c) Students who would not have financial conditions to be enrolled in a private school;
d) Students who have a good academic record;
e) Students who show interest in Lumiar’s methodological proposal;
f) Students who have a profile compatible with the Lumiar methodology;
g) Students who do not have SEN (special educational needs).

Stages of the selection process

1) Interested families should fill out the contact form;
2) Within one business day, our service team will return the contact to provide basic information about the process and forward the scholarship request form, which must be duly filled out and sent back;
3) The Lumiar Pinheiros management will evaluate, from the applications, if the enrolled families meet the established prerequisites;
4) Families who meet the prerequisites will be invited to attend a meeting with the school management. At this meeting, which must be attended by both parents and students, the management team will be able to better understand the family’s profile and expectations in relation to the school, as well as verify whether the parents or guardians can afford the extra costs;
5) If the family advances in the process, an experience will be scheduled for the student in the corresponding cycle;
6) After the experience and after the student is approved, our support team will contact him/her to proceed with the enrollment.

Scholarship maintenance

To maintain the scholarship, it is expected that

1) The family guarantees the student’s participation and attendance in school activities, guaranteeing at least 75% attendance at annual meetings;

2) The student presents participation and engagement in the proposed activities;

3) The student’s performance is satisfactory, with the concepts above ECP (expressed as partial understanding);

4) The student presents a good behavioral performance, which contributes to the creation/maintenance of propitious environments for relational and learning processes.