First of all, thank you for your interest in Lumiar Morumbi!
Below we explain the process for the enrollment of new students.

Completing the Interest Form

In order to receive information about the school and the desired cycle, it is necessary to fill out this form.

The maximum response time from our staff is one business day.

Receiving the essential information

Our staff will be pleased to inform you about the availability of vacancies for the cycle and period you are looking for, values and other essential information about our school routine.

Lumiar methodology presentation

In order for you to understand our pillars, choices and practices, you will be invited to watch a presentation of the Lumiar methodology.

Visit to Lumiar Morumbi

After the presentation of our methodology, you will be invited to visit Lumiar Morumbi. In addition to getting to know our space and receiving more information about how the school works, you will have the opportunity to understand how our infrastructure enhances the Lumiar practices.

Financial negotiation

Moment for dealing with the values of the services to be contracted and their forms of payment.

Filling out the medical history form

Once the financial aspects have been discussed, those responsible must fill out an anamnesis form for the child/youth to be enrolled.

This document allows us to get to know the students better, enabling us to plan appropriate referrals for a calm and respectful integration into our school space.

Meeting with the pedagogical coordinator

After sending the anamnesis form, parents and students will be invited to attend a meeting with our school’s pedagogical coordinator.

Filling out the enrollment application form

To issue the contract, guardians must fill out the enrollment request form and send the following documents to the school:

A recent 3 x 4 photo
A simple copy of the birth certificate
A simple copy of RG or RNE
A simple copy of CPF
Simple copy of vaccination card
Simple copy of medical insurance or SUS card
Original school transcript (for 2nd year 9th grade students)
Original letter of compliance issued by the previous school
Original transfer declaration issued by the previous school

Responsible parties
Simple copy of RG or RNE
Simple copy of CPF
A simple copy of proof of residence
In case of legal financial responsibility, a simple copy of the CNPJ, articles of incorporation, proof of address, RG and CPF of the partners


The student will be invited to experience the routine and participate in activities of the class of which he/she will be a part. Thus, he/she will be able to familiarize him/herself with the Lumiar methodology, the school space, the educators, and the group mates.

The experience lasts an average of two hours.

Signing the contract

To formalize the student’s enrollment, his/her guardians must sign the enrollment contract.

After sending the signed document, the school will have up to three working days to carry out the necessary legal procedures and register the student in our system.

Guidelines for starting activities at Lumiar Morumbi

Once the enrollment is validated, the parents or guardians will be informed about the day the student’s activities will begin at Lumiar Morumbi.

In addition, they will receive notices, forms to fill out and other necessary guidance to support the arrival of the student to our school community.

Important information

We do not reserve places – either for the current school year or for the following years.

For Kindergarten cycles, the school accepts enrollments at any time of the year. As of the F1 cycle, there is a deadline for transfers (between September and October, depending on that school year’s calendar).

Parents and guardians interested in enrolling their children in school years other than the current one are also invited to attend the Lumiar methodology presentation and visit the school. However, at the beginning of the school year of interest, they must visit our space again.

If there are no vacancies available in the cycle of interest, the guardians will be included in our waiting list. They can choose to attend the presentation of our methodology and visit Lumiar Morumbi after the first contact with our team or only after the opening of the vacancy.

The stages of the experience and the signing of the contract can take place concomitantly.