Inaugurated in 2022, Lumiar Morumbi offers Kindergarten and Elementary 1 students (1st, 2nd and 3rd grades) colorful, open and immersed in nature environments, forming a school space that provides opportunities for exchange, movement and creativity.

The class reference rooms, the playground, the maker room, the green spaces, and the ones with sand are not only scenarios for projects and workshops carried out by the students, but also for endless discoveries that enable their full development.

In addition to the regular activities, held in the morning, afternoon, and full time, the school offers extracurricular courses connected to the children’s interests.



Educação Infantil

Infantil 1 (I1)
Students up to 2 years old

Infantil 2 (I2)
Students from 2 to 4 years old

Infantil 3 (I3)
Students from 4 to 6 years old

Ensino Fundamental

Fundamental 1 (F1)
Students from 6 to 8 years old


Examples of projects made by Lumiar Morumbi students

Infantil 1 (I1)


PURPOSE: discover with what and how to produce pigments

GOALS: explore possibilities of extracting pigments, getting to know plants better and doing experiments; understand that plants and food are sources of vitamins and nutrients; communicate orally and express themselves pictorially based on the subjects worked on in the project

FINAL PRODUCT: T-shirt dyed by the students themselves

SKILLS INVOLVED: cultivate self-confidence; be open to create; plan; test ideas; resources and materials; manage tasks

CONTENT WORKED: orality; instruments for recording, communicating, measuring and visualizing; changes in different materials resulting from natural and artificial phenomena; observations, manipulations and measurements; cause and effect relationships

Infantil 2 (I2)


PURPOSE: to understand the life habits of worms and compile this information in a book made by the group

GOALS: to observe and learn about worms and their importance in nature; to learn what a project is; to instigate curiosity and the investigative look of the students

FINAL PRODUCT: book about earthworms

MOBILIZED SKILLS: develop and explore touch; construct, compare and establish relationships; articulate thoughts and ideas; develop social and environmental awareness

WORKED CONTENT: action and observation of the environment; ecological relations: interactions between living things, natural elements and the environment; communication with peers and adults

Infantil 3 (I3)


PURPOSE: to learn about the cuisine of other places in the world

GOALS: to understand that each place in the world has its culinary habits; to expand the food repertoire through food tasting

FINAL PRODUCT: trail game with challenges addressing the issues addressed in the project

SKILLS INVOLVED: develop and explore your sense of smell and taste; seek appropriation of learning; practice active listening; reflect; ask questions

WORKED CONTENT: ideas, wishes and feelings about their experiences, through oral and written language (spontaneous writing), photos, drawings and other forms of expression; authorial and conventional maps; interest and respect for different cultures and ways of life

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