The first experience of Lumiar methodology in public education

The partnership between the municipality of Santo Antônio do Pinhal, interior of São Paulo, Lumiar Institute and Microsoft, started in 2006, was the origin of our first initiative with public education for the implementation of the Lumiar methodology in a rural school of early childhood education and elementary school.

The pilot project was carried out together with the Municipal School Antonio Jose Ramos, which at the time was called the School of the Future because of the bold and innovative proposal that was being developed.

The partnership lasted 15 years and, during this period, we brought innovation and new experiences to the school’s children and to the community in general. The growing protagonism of the students over the years, one of the central points of our methodology, made the learning process more active, and the pedagogical practices structured in the organizational modalities that we propose, such as workshops and, mainly, projects, contributed to an interdisciplinary look at the pedagogical proposals. Added to this is the presence of teachers, specialists in certain themes – also a pillar of Lumiar -, with participation in projects, bringing diversity to the school and mobilizing the community of the municipality.

In the first half of 2020, we held a live event invited by the Municipal Department of Education of Santo Antônio do Pinhal. With the theme “Meaningful learning today: a conversation about solutions, challenges, and opportunities”, the virtual meeting aimed to promote reflections and exchange of experiences. To watch the content in full, click here.

The partnership with the Antônio José Ramos Municipal School ended in late 2020, leaving a legacy of learning, students, and educators who had the opportunity to experience a methodology that values the children’s interest and resulted in a truly innovative and meaningful teaching and learning process.


“I learned the value of autonomy, crucial for growth. Lumiar allowed me paths of freedom, courage, and passion. It was based on the methodology that I discovered my passion for books and learning languages. I intend to major in letters.”

Maria Eduarda, a former student of the public school Antônio José Ramos, a Lumiar Institute partner. When she finished the elementary school cycle, Maria Eduarda was a scholarship student at Lumiar International, our private school in Santo Antônio do Pinhal. She recently graduated from the Federal Institute of Campos do Jordão as a Computer Technician and currently works at Ecco Parque Jardim dos Pinhais, a tourist park in the town.

“Autonomy and knowing how to position oneself is one of the great gains that Lumiar has taught my children. The child really sees himself and sees that he has the right to speak and to be heard, and to be able to create this space for speaking and listening. That, for me, was what marked the most during the period they stayed at Lumiar.”

Fernanda Yokoyama, mother of 4 students who experienced the Lumiar methodology in Santo Antônio do Pinhal. First in the partnership with the public school and then as fellows in the private school Lumiar Internacional.