Aldeia Lumiar Community School

The School was born in 2019 through a public-private partnership between Aldeia da Fraternidade, a non-profit organization that has been working with education for over 57 years, the Municipal Education Secretary of Porto Alegre, and the Lumiar Institute, with financial support from the Jama Institute, to cede the Lumiar model, which includes the brand, the methodology, and the Mosaic platform.

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The school serves more than 190 students in the elementary and final years of school and has more than 30 people between the team of educators and managers.

In this partnership the Lumiar Institute is 100% responsible for the entire process of continuous training of the team of educators and management that integrate the school, monitoring the application of the methodology in day-to-day, advice and pedagogical support to ensure the functioning of the school in the manner of Lumiar schools and indicators related to the implementation of the methodology and impacts on improving the education of children and adolescents.

Consolidated Progress of the Lumiar Village School

From the beginning of the project until the end of 2021, more than 500 hours were dedicated to training the pedagogical and management team, and to advising and monitoring the Lumiar Village School, which has demonstrated through the projects and daily practices its commitment to education.



From the beginning of the partnership in 2019 to the end of 2021, we had 76% advancement in pedagogical practices, which include projects, individual projects, modules, workshops, and World Readings.


Considering the assessment of skills and content, we identified an average increase of 84%.


“I have been working as a tutor in Lumiar Village since 2019. Working with the methodology is a great achievement as an educator, because I have always believed in the power of innovative practices. Providing opportunities for children to have access to another way of teaching is a great achievement and an accomplishment as an education professional.”

Rafaela Santos, F2 tutor Aldeia Lumiar

“I already had experience with project-based learning a while ago, but I can say that here in Aldeia Lumiar, in my vision, the formative processes have been deconstructing this look that we bring from training, giving the opportunity for a new perspective of education. As a Tutor in the group, my job is to mediate and guide the students so that they can have autonomy in their own learning, so that they can build the necessary knowledge through research, which is based on individual interests. Here at school, the projects are linked to each other, they end up being interdisciplinary and not based on what the tutor wants, but on what the group proposes. Through this methodology, I can see that the group has a broader vision of the world and is able to reflect better on everything that is of interest to them, and from something very individual, they start to have a more collective vision, something that ends up breaking the walls of the school and goes beyond a simple interest. The experience has been very enriching for me, but I believe for the students, much more.”

Luciana Seghetto Rosetti – F3 Tutor