Education is our cause!

We want to promote significant improvements in learning and to value educators so that they have powerful learning tools, which guarantee a look at the integral development of children and young people.


To work together with public networks and CSOs in order to support educators and offer a social technology that contributes to the construction of new knowledge and skills, thus forming critical, aware, and autonomous students.


Diversity & Collaboration: to foster spaces and connections for the collective and plural construction of knowledge.

Equity & Focus on Learning: to promote egalitarian opportunities that can reduce social inequalities in education.

Empathy & Active Listening: consider and value different realities and educational and social contexts.

Transparency & Ethics: to communicate clearly and objectively our achievements and results.

Our History

A group of leading educators get together to develop an initiative that could transform education in Brazil and in the world. Lumiar methodology is created.
Instituto Lumiar is formally constituted, with the objective of developing the pedagogical proposal of Lumiar schools and linking agents of change in a collaborative community.
First approach in the public education network through a partnership with the municipality of Santo Antônio do Pinhal and Microsoft support, to implement the Lumiar methodology in a rural school that served children from 02 to 11 years. The partnership lasted 15 years.
Considered by Unesco one of the most innovative schools in the world.
Was indicated by OECD as one of the most innovative methodologies in education.
Partnership with the CSO Aldeia da Fraternidade, in Porto Alegre, to create the first community elementary education school in the Lumiar complete model - Aldeia Lumiar.
Beginning of the partnership with the Municipal Education Secretary of Porto Alegre to implement the Lumiar methodology in 4 schools of Early Childhood Education.


Total of partner institutions: 10

Porto Alegre/RS
4 Elementary Schools – EMEIS
1 Elementary School Community – Aldeia Lumiar

Passo de Camaragibe/AL
1 Elementary and Nursery School

São Paulo/SP
2 Children’s Education Centers and
1 AME Center for Children and Adolescents

Santo Antônio do Pinhal/SP(2006-2021)
1 Rural Elementary School

Impacted by Lumiar Institute’s initiatives *Until 2021  

+ 760

of students

+ 360



people indirectly impacted


hours of training for educators and managers


Board of Directors
Daniel Faccini Castanho
Lucas Mendes de Freitas Teixeira

Fiscal Council
Cauê Gaspari Gimenez
Mario Fukabori
Fabia Batista Apolinário

Institute Team
President: Lucas Mendes de Freitas Teixeira
Vice-President: Raphael Alves Ozawa
Head Institute: Debora Isis Acioly
Pedagogical: Daniel Moray e Soledad Gomez
Partnerships and Relationship: André Cotta


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